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Receive the Most Expert Veterinary Treatment Available

Routine vaccinations

Routine vaccinations are by far the most essential part of preventative health care for pets. Protecting them against deadly contagious diseases.

Sterilisations and routine surgical procedures

Involves the surgical removal of part of the reproductive organs from the animal to make it unable to reproduce and other surgical procedures.

24 hour emergency services

Offer the best emergency and critical care veterinary services by qualified veterinary doctors and nurses who provide timely treatment and utmost care to help pets out of any kind of emergency situations.

24 hour patientmonitoring

After any kinds of surgery or medical treatment, pets are kept under 24 hour monitoring and strict vigilance to keep track of their health situations by doctors and accordingly further treatments are advised.

Dental cleaning and extractions

For maintenance of pet health and hygiene, proper dental care of pets need to be taken which includes routine dental check-ups, cleaning and if necessary extractions of infected teeth which is done with utmost care and precision.

Kennels with underfloor heating

To treat very sick or infectious pets, kennels with under floor heating mechanisms are available to provide the pets with the best care and warmth that they can possibly be given.

Digital radiography

The clinic offers the best-in-class digital radiography services, having hi-tech radiography instruments designed and engineered to produce quality images of pets’ body parts.

In-house biochemistry tests available 24 hours

For better accuracy and quick reports for immediate medical attention, in house bio-chemistry laboratory is present where all types of veterinary pathological tests are carried out by qualified vet lab practitioners.

Comprehensively stocked pet deli

Healthy, nutritious, preservative free, freshly made, wholesome dog and cat foods available keeping in mind the pet’s optimal health and well-being. Stocked pet delis are available for dogs and cats of every breed at affordable prices.

Ultrasound pregnancy diagnosis

Modern medical facilities along with ultrasound pregnancy diagnosis facilities are available to accurately confirm pregnancy among dogs and cats. Prediction of gestational age by assessing the presence of fetal structure in pets including measuring the gestation sac (GSD), crown-up length (CRL), head diameter (HD), body diameters of the fetus can all be diagnosed and confirmed in cases of ultrasound pregnancy diagnosis.